Terms of agreement

Terms of agreement, recorded March 4, 2015, for www.garnense.com hereinafter referred to as: ‘Garnenseinfo-icon

Customer satisfaction
Without you Garnense has no right to exist, which is why we find it very important that you, as a customer in any form whatsoever, are satisfied with our services. We therefore do our utmost to deliver the best possible service.

Customer service
You can contact us at any time via our contact form and we promise to respond as soon as we can, but in any case within 24 hours, in order to find a solutioninfo-icon in cooperationinfo-icon.
Not satisfied within 30 days? Then you will simply get your money back. Naturally, we hope that you contact us before that time so that we have the opportunity to improve your experienceinfo-icon with our service.

At Garnense we find ethics very important. The three basic rules of Permacultureinfo-icon are: "Care for the earthinfo-icon, care for people and re-invest your surplus". It could also be summarized as 'Doing things properly, in an honest way, minding the rest of the world'. We do just that at Garnense, we treat you with mutual respect and assume that you treat us, to the best of your abilities, respectfully.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
All text, photos, graphics, audio recordings or video recordings and the like, which are distributed by Garnense are owned by or licensed to Garnense unless otherwise indicated. Only with prior written consent of Garnense this material may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, or distributed through other channels and / or media.

Personalinfo-icon information
We know the value of personal data and treat it like a precious thing. At all times we store all information, which you share with us voluntarily, with the utmost care and we will never pass it on to third parties without your permission.

Good Seamanship
At sea they know the term ‘seamanship’. In short this means acting responsibly to the best of ones abilities. For example, someone who understands good Seamanship will try to avoid a collision at all cost, even if the other is to blame. Namely at sea both ships will sink and not just those of the guilty. We ask you to show good Seamanship in using our services, be mindful of what you say and write and treat our copyright and intellectual property with the utmost respect. You are, at all times, responsible for your own actions and behavior.

At Garnense we know the term "Inspirator", as this is how we refer to our our courseinfo-icon tutors, workshopinfo-icon givers, teachers or other executives. Garnense selects her inspirators with the utmost care and ensures that they are aware of the ethics and values of Garnense.

Personal Account
In order to make use of our courses or other paid or unpaid digital products or services, a personal account and a valid emailinfo-icon address are required at all times. The creationinfo-icon of a personal account with Garnense is free and only available with the purchase of any of our digital products or services. If you do not have a personal account yet, one is automatically created during checkout. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you have set. The account is personal and only valid for a single individual.

On the suspicion of abuse Garnense has the right to block the account in question indefinitely, thereby denying access to its paid and unpaid digital services. In consultation with the owner of the account we then look for a solution. We will take the utmost care that this is done in an ethical manner.

Information provision
All forms of communication provided under the name of Garnense, including the course materials created by its inspirators only serve as inspiration. This implies you are at all times responsible for your own actions when you practice any technique that is suggested in the course material. Only apply a certain technique if you have mastered it, knowing that you and you alone are responsible for the consequencesinfo-icon. Garnense and its Inspirators can under no circumstances be held responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Digital services
All our services, unless otherwise specified, will be provided in digital web-based format, and can only be used through this websiteinfo-icon unless specified otherwise. A computer and an internetinfo-icon connection, which allows streaming HD videos, are necessary to make the best use of our services. After payment access is granted, through your personal account, to the product or service you have purchased. Our videos are hosted on www.vimeo.com, the digital video services at Garnense can be used in all countries where www.vimeo.com is allowed. We promise that our digital products and services are available, counted from the date of purchase, for at least 2 years. Do mind that we try to keep them available beyond that for as long as we can. If one of our services, after these two years, is unexpectedly terminated, we will notify you timely.

Foruminfo-icon, comments and user generated content
At Garnense we bear the utmost care that all texts and media material which is being posted by our users meet the ethics that we value. Garnense maintains the right, at all times, to modify or remove this material. Of course we do this in consultation with the author.