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About Garnenseinfo-icon?
We are a brand new multilingual online platform that offers high quality traininginfo-icon, knowledgeinfo-icon and inspirationinfo-icon in self-sustainabilityinfo-icon and Permacultureinfo-icon. Grow your own vegetablesinfo-icon and herbsinfo-icon, on a balconyinfo-icon, a vegetable gardeninfo-icon or an acreage. People find so much joy in interacting with natureinfo-icon, so create a bit of your own.
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Meaning or our name
The name 'Garnense' is a combination of 'garnerinfo-icon' (gather or collect) and 'common sense', in our eyes that's whats its at all about regarding self-sufficiency: 'common sense harvesting'. In a well-functioning ecosysteminfo-icon, such as a Forestinfo-icon Garden based on permaculture principles, harvesting is all you need to do, besides some simple maintenance. The key lies in the designinfo-icon, this how we workinfo-icon at Garnense as well, the strategyinfo-icon starts with good observationinfo-icon, thoroughly ponder it and then apply it. In the base, the broad outlines of such a design are relatively simple, but along the way you fill that increasingly, according to the same strategy: look, think and do.
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About Nick van Zutpheninfo-icon
Hij grew up amongst dutchinfo-icon farmers and envisioned a life on the countryside. After being exposed to the 3D animation filminfo-icon: 'Toy Story', he lost his heartinfo-icon to the computer. He found a job in advertising and pursued an international careerinfo-icon in the film industrie as a Effects Technical Director. His ambitioninfo-icon led him to Londoninfo-icon where he discovered he missed his cutoff jeans and clogs, so he returned home. In the following two years his life turned inside out and upside down and he inniciated Garnense. He currently strives to live a self-sustainableinfo-icon life that fits within the society of tomorrow and he is eager to tell the world about it.
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Our e-bookinfo-icon
We have published a free e-book: Permaculture Webdesigninfo-icon in 15 Steps

Dive into the world of Permaculture and tickle you imagination by seeing the internetinfo-icon from a new perspectiveinfo-icon. Permaculture is often associated with a forest, a natural fishpond or a social system. In this e-book you will explore the Permaculture opportunities on the web. The Garnense websiteinfo-icon has been build - from the ground up - based on these ideas. In this e-book you will get an exclusive insight on: 'How to apply Permaculture to your website'.

This e-book is completely free and available through our webstore at:
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