Words of wisdom and love

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Asja Boros

Tapping into the universalinfo-icon consciousnessinfo-icon, I'm writing these words, expressing the deep wisdominfo-icon that it encompasses. It is a journeyinfo-icon into the rabbit holeinfo-icon and the destinationinfo-icon is unknown.

Be surprised by the inspiring words.

Intuitive texts
I receive these words in order to share them with you, whoever you may be, whatever you may have done, the universal words are made available to all. I wish you a pleasant journey, wherever it may take you, Remember that you are here to experienceinfo-icon and that at all times you have a choiceinfo-icon, use it wisely.

Intuitive drawings
For every text I draw a picture inspired by the image that I receive from the unseeninfo-icon world. On Facebook, we post this drawinginfo-icon with an inspiring quote from the text.


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