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On our websiteinfo-icon you will find inspiration for growing your awarenessinfo-icon, from Permacultureinfo-icon to spirituality. What it has in common is that we write about it from our hearts. If you want to learn how you can live from your heartinfo-icon, you arrived at the right place.

We host and co-host conscious events, workshopsinfo-icon and retraitesinfo-icon. Have a look at our events page to see what is comming up. Most of our events take place in The Netherlands, so its best to have a look at ourĀ Dutch agenda.

Personalinfo-icon Sessions
Nick van Zutphenhas a very clear connection with the unseeninfo-icon world, in a personal readinginfo-icon you will receive answers to your life questionsinfo-icon. Be inspired by his personal story: Between what once was and soon will be.

Do you have a question or an idea? We loveinfo-icon to hear it from you, send us a message via our contactform.

Garnenseinfo-icon is a combination of garning and sense, it means harvesting with your senses. Litterally this means that you counsiously connect to the plantinfo-icon while you harvestinfo-icon its fruits, but it also means gatheringinfo-icon insights and personal qualities.

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