Welcome to Garnense

Welcome to Garnenseinfo-icon, you've found a place for inspirationinfo-icon, traininginfo-icon and knowledgeinfo-icon in the field of self-sufficiency.

With us you will find quirky, high quality online courses that contribute to a world where humans, plantsinfo-icon, animals and fungiinfo-icon can live together in harmony. We're rooted in the 21st century, are inspired by natureinfo-icon and we embrace both craftinfo-icon and innovationinfo-icon.

We use the Permaculture principles as the foundation and build from there. From small to large we think in functions and ecosystems. We workinfo-icon together with nature and we also offer next to our Permaculture courses in-depth courses in the areas of plants, technologyinfo-icon and practical applications.

  • Missioninfo-icon
  • Make self-sufficiency available to a wider audience
  • Use the Wisdominfo-icon of the past and the knowledge of today
  • Blend the ornamental and vegetable gardeninfo-icon to one
  • Go further, look deeper and think for ourselves
  • Stay true to yourself

With Garnenseinfo-icon we hope to blur the boundary between the ornamental and vegetable garden, to bring people closer to nature and to pass on our enthusiasm. We would like to contribute to a world where humans, animals, plants and fungi can live together in harmony. A world that is rooted in the 21st century, inspired by nature and which embraces innovation.

We focus on the moderately cold-climateinfo-icon zone of Europe. It is our aspiration to serve our target audience in their own languageinfo-icon. Currently the Garnense websiteinfo-icon and its courses are already available in Dutchinfo-icon and Englishinfo-icon.

At Garnense we are very aware of the changes in the climate, we hear, see and feel it all around us. If this topic is discussed in the mainstream media at all it's often condoned or it is accompanied by so much fearinfo-icon that you get the feeling that it's a problem too big for you alone and that someone else with more "power" must solve it. We try to shine our light on this matter and rather than focussing on what we should not do, we try to look at the things that you and I can do instead.

One of the first 3D animated films from Pixar, 'A Bug's Life', shows us this wonderful concept. An ant colony of millions become terrorized by a handful of grasshoppers, until an ant discovers that they are with a lot more, if they join forces combined with innovation they can boss these terrorists easily.

Wisdom and knowledge
This is exactly what rocks our boat at Garnense, we are inspired by ancient wisdom and combine it with the knowledge of today. Many people believe that you and I can't make a difference, but we can! There are so many stories, fairy tales, parables and evidence from history that show that when people join forces they are capable of performing wonders.

Geoff Lawton says: "All the World's Problemsinfo-icon Can Be Solved in a Garden". He has shown that you can turn a desert into an oasis, with a pure natural and sustainable method called Permaculture. This is something that no other method even comes close to. The beauty is that it arises due to good observationinfo-icon and clear thinking, resources which are available for each person.

In Western Europe, we might not have deserts, but we do have terraces, balconies, flat roofs, gardens, parks and more. The earthinfo-icon seems so large, but every flower and every leaf counts. Do it for nature and otherwise for your own good. To put a seed in the ground, and to see it surface within a few days triggers a primal sensation in every man. Self-grown vegetablesinfo-icon taste at least two times as great, everyone knows that. If you have no idea how to do that, you've come to the right place :-)

I would like to invite you to open your eyes to all the wonder and beauty that our planet has to offer. Embark on an adventure, (re)discover your passion for the planet and carry your bit for the futureinfo-icon, for those who come after you.

The name 'Garnense' is a combination of 'garnerinfo-icon' (gather or collect) and 'common sense', in our eyes that's what it is all about regarding self-sufficiency: 'common sense harvesting'. In a well-functioning ecosysteminfo-icon, such as a Forestinfo-icon Garden based on permaculture principles, harvesting is all you need to do, besides some simple maintenance. The key lies in the designinfo-icon, this is how we work at Garnense as well, the strategyinfo-icon starts with good observation, thoroughly pondering it and then apply it. In the base, the broad outlines of such a design are relatively simple, but along the way you fill that increasingly, according to the same strategy: look, think and do.

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