Trance Dance

What is Trance Danceinfo-icon?
This Trance Danceinfo-icon is a meditative type of danceinfo-icon, it is a kind of game in which the free movement reveals what is hidden and losens what is stuck. Through the inspired voice of Nick as a group you embark on a journeyinfo-icon and guided by the unseeninfo-icon you return with a story of your own.

"It's a fantastic experienceinfo-icon with a surprising touch of magicinfo-icon" - Aart (28)

De magieinfo-icon van vrijbewegeninfo-icon

How does it workinfo-icon?
Each session starts with a guided meditationinfo-icon or trance journeyinfo-icon, Nick guides you with his gentle voice. In a very natural way the musicinfo-icon changes and you are invited to open your heartinfo-icon and feel where how your body wants to move. You can forget everything you have ever learned about dancinginfo-icon, here it’s all about moving freelyinfo-icon and allowing your body to move with the music without ever thinking about it. You dance with your eyes closed, together or alone, with or without blindfolds, it's up to you. Inspired by the unseen Nick plays the most enchanting music from all over the world. It takes about two hours and one thing is certain, Trance Danceinfo-icon touches every cell in your body.

"A wonderful musical journey" - Jeanny

Nick takes a very wide selection of music from every corner of the world, from classical, soundtracks and mantras, funk, deep house and Indian influences to the subtler dubstep. The mix that you can listen to on this page is an example of how a Trance Danceinfo-icon session runs from the moment the meditationinfo-icon turns into a dance. What is missing here, of courseinfo-icon, are the accompanying words of Nick.

Who is Nick van Zutpheninfo-icon?
Nick works as a mediuminfo-icon, besides Transinfo-icon Dance he organizes: retreatsinfo-icon, facilitates personalinfo-icon readings and gives guided meditations. In everything Nick does he completely surrenders to the inspirationinfo-icon and guidance he receives from the unseen world.

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