Time for yourself
Embark on a retreatinfo-icon and allow yourself to reconnectinfo-icon with who you really are. A period full of everything and nothing but richly filled with: meditationinfo-icon, inspirationinfo-icon and silenceinfo-icon. In a small group there is plenty of time and spaceinfo-icon for your own development, questions and insights. Backed by each other and the unseeninfo-icon we get on together, each in his/her own way.

A highly comfortable retreat in a beautiful location where I could come to myself, be with myself and revive. Where I received inspiration for my spiritual journeyinfo-icon! Thanks Nick! Loving thought, Ans (53)

For a while we shunt off the information superhighway, we disconnect from our digital lifeinfo-icon, to reconnect with our higher natureinfo-icon.

Magnificent, or rather indescribable to experienceinfo-icon inner peaceinfo-icon. Combined with the soothing environment, I highly recommend this retreat to come to yourself. Aart (28)

Personal readinginfo-icon
As part of the retreat, there is the opportunity to receive personalinfo-icon answers in a one to one readinginfo-icon with Nick. Together you make contact with the unseen world. You put up your life questionsinfo-icon and, in turn, your personal counselors or guides will answer with wisdominfo-icon and loveinfo-icon.

An intensely relaxinginfo-icon weekend where I went in tired and came out completely reborn. Altogether it was a delightful experience and the personal readinginfo-icon brought a big surprise, which is still unraveling. Pranati (60)

Spiritual growthinfo-icon also means taking good care of your body. During the retreat we enrich ourselves with vegetarian and organicinfo-icon foodinfo-icon, we minimize our sugar intake and abstain from alcoholinfo-icon and other stimulants.

A wonderful, long weekend with peace and space, just to come to myself. There would have been no better place to ‘BE’. Warm greeting and hug. Frank (56)

Most of our retreatsinfo-icon are a co-creation, guided by Nick, together we will be: cookinginfo-icon, eating, meditating, dancinginfo-icon, laughing, sleeping, walking in silence and be equally human.

Magnificent, a beautiful gatheringinfo-icon. The peace, to start the day dancing with one's eyes closed. The silent walk through nature, pointing with a single gesture to something beautiful. To return home and experience that your worldview has somewhat changed. Amazing. Jeanny (68)

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