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In a personal readinginfo-icon we make contact with the unseeninfo-icon world. We ask your personalinfo-icon tutors or guides about your life questionsinfo-icon. In turn, thru Nick, they will answer with wisdominfo-icon and loveinfo-icon.

Life questions
Do you wonder why you are here on earthinfo-icon, do you find yourself having trouble making your next step in life and would you like to receive counselinginfo-icon from the place where you originate from? In a personal readinginfo-icon Nick speaks on behalf of your guides and tutors. From the unseen they have been guiding you along, they were right beside you when you were born and led by their hand, one day, you will return home. They know you thoroughly and will respond appropriately. In your heartinfo-icon you can sense the confirmation. They embrace you in all your beauty, even if you yourself are not always able to see this. From their universalinfo-icon wisdom they know exactly which words, at this time, will be most striking for you.

The readinginfo-icon has led me to a clear understanding, which resulted in calmness and confidence because it is also a confirmation of what I already felt myself. Frank (56)

Nick facilitates the conversation with the greatest care and he attaches great importance to a mere communication. He has taken the responsibility to master mediumship and is committed to continually improve his practice. He practises universal confidentiality.

I felt an enormous support and acknowledgement from my guideinfo-icon in the reading and at the same time I have been challenged to become more aware of my qualities and the process I am in. This has made me peaceful, strong and self-confident. Pranati (60)

Place and time
Via our contact form you can consult with Nick to schedule an appointment. The one on one sessions with Nick can take place in Wieringerwaardinfo-icon (The Netherlands), via Skypeinfo-icon or telephone, Nick speaks fluidly Dutchinfo-icon and Englishinfo-icon. A reading knows no distance and even works if you're on the other side of the world. A reading costs € 50,- and lasts about 40-50 minutes. With your approval Nick can record the session, which you can downloadinfo-icon, to replay it as often as you like.

In special cases, and in consultation, Nick can come to you.

For me the reading has been overwelming. For now a support and it gives me confidence in the futureinfo-icon. Jeanny (68)

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