Pain and awareness

Sometimes around midnight, a magical event occurs. The birth of a new mooninfo-icon can be seen, felt and experienced by those who are willing to see. It is a changeinfo-icon of form, a transcendence from the old to the new. Like the moon, all life and all processes on earthinfo-icon are circularinfo-icon by definition. Some are easier to see than others. Some occur within minutes, or even seconds, while others take millennia to complete their cycle. Although it can be seen anywhere, you need to be aware of what you are looking at.

Since you can not see what you do not expect, the unexpected most often comes by complete surprise.

Yet even the unexpected takes time to manifest itself. When you know what to look for, you will notice that the signs are everywhere. It is the magicinfo-icon between the lines, yet one must be able to notice it and it can easily be ignored. Frankly, it is such a magnificent experienceinfo-icon to be able to witness the forces of creationinfo-icon, that you could compare it to a birthday cake, embodying everything that you need in this very moment. It is there to be picked, but left untouched because nobody is aware of the party. Life on earth is a magnificent experience but most people are so caught up in their daily chores that they never take the time to look around and wonder. Many signs pass by in a similar way, but they can only complete their destiny once they are noticed. The energyinfo-icon that created these signs has to be patient and try again, and again, and again, and well, again, until the end of time.

Sometimes you may stumble upon – you might even drop into – the best cake ever made, but as long as you are not able to realise what is happening, you cannot put it to use. You may complain about the sticky substance that is all over your body and how it has ‘ruined’ your clothes, in the process you ignore the heavenly taste, not to mention the smell that heals every bit of paininfo-icon, memory or any other type of ‘wound’.

Without being aware of it you let go of the best bit while focussing on everything else, while you spiral downwards.

Key in all this is the unawarenessinfo-icon, which is why no one can be blamed and nothing has gone wrong. It is the unawareness that made it possible. The solutioninfo-icon was there but you were not able to notice it. Even the unawareness can’t be blamed because this word only indicates the lack of something.

It is the realisationinfo-icon that demystifies the unawareness once you become aware.

The only way to do this is through pain. Yes, the only way to become aware is through pain. Pain comes when things are out of balanceinfo-icon, when harmony is missing. The harder you try to hold onto something the more intruding the pain becomes, until you are ready to let it go, no matter the consequencesinfo-icon. The only thing pain does, is showing you that something is out of balance. Seeing just that is what life is all about, becoming aware of what was, what is and what soon will be. Above all, life is about realising that all of those things are just passing by, they are here to show you some aspect of yourself which is only shown to you, or better, only seen through your eyes.

Experiencesinfo-icon can be shared through words, but these words will be experienced by other people and seen through their eyes, making it their unique experience. This is a chain without an end – and depending on how you look at it – without a beginning nor an end, yet it exists and occurs as long as you pay attention to it.

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