None of what you see is real

That none of what you see is real turns out to be a controversial concept, yet it does have a truth in it, because it all depends on what you consider to be true. The dimension we live in, is a unified reality, that is created and maintained by all living beings in it.

It’s like an ecosystem that maintains itself and is able to evolve in a circular way.

The fear and pain in the world of today are the signals of the closure of a circle, birthing a new one. You are witnessing a transformation where the hidden powers of the old systems are exposed. In these gaps the next step in human evolution can set root for all humankind to flourish.

Due to the fierce hold of people to their past, such a transition is a bumpy ride. All around you, you can see people being confused, from top to bottom and lives going into chaos because they have not been able yet to make the transformation. Some need many bumps and wake-up calls before they emerge from their lifelong naptime. They believe so strongly in the dream they are dreaming, that it requires many earthquakes for them to realise that it is time to wake up. Even while being awake one can hold on to a dream, which parts them from reality. As you may guess:

One needs to descend into a deep sleep, before one can consciously awake and see the stunning sunrise realising that none of it is real.

Realisation implies the transition from an idea to truth, from what is being offered to accepting it as the truth. Discovering a means of logic is a method of acceptance, yet there is no difference in accepting any type of religion or spiritual practice. Both are equally real and an illusion at the same time. Emptiness, is a strong metaphysical symbol for this, but one that is often misinterpreted. Emptiness implies existence and non-existence at the same time. It refers to the universal centre, the divine origin that can be found in everything. When you get the equation right, you will end up with the divine, the creator or the universal intention that birthed everything that you know. Math or equations are a reflection of the universal intention, a few have been found but many are still waiting their discovery and deep understanding.

It is the equation that leads back to where it all once started: at the universal centre.

Equations are all around you, in fact you are an equation yourself. If you look as closely and as widely as you can, ahead and back in time, you can see that it all leads to one thing, one way or the other, backwards or forwards you always end up where you started. Yet synergy allowed all creation to grow, exponentially, while doing so. This is the magic and wonder that breaks all physical laws drawn by human kind.

It has been attempted to grasp life, many times, while life itself is supposed to be experienced.

The experience exposes the truth and allows you to grow, when you stop or reject life itself, you diminish until nothing is left.

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