A new name: Bravon

Man of the people

When I was born I received the name: Nick van Zutpheninfo-icon, beautiful name that suited me wel. Nick means man of the people, a conquerer and comes from Nicolas.

So within, so without

Ever since I started become more aware so many thing changed in my life, and for a long time this happened primairly within. About a year ago people started telling me that I had changed, for a long time I figured: thats the longer hair and beard. I got quite a few friends who didn't settle for that and noted that something was changing in my radiation. Only since a few weeks I've noticed what the mean, if I see video's of myself the where recorded two years ago, I see a totally different young man.

Brave one

3,5 years ago I discovered that I could communicate with my guides and at some point asked what my soul nameinfo-icon was. It was then that I received the name: Bravoninfo-icon. It means brave one, or he whom conquers his fears. I kept it a secret, only told a close friend about it, but I could hardly pronounce the name. I found it very difficult to identify with this name. At the beginning of this year this started to changeinfo-icon, and I slowly decided to adopt a new name: Nick Bravon van Zutphen. People would call me Bravon.

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