Lost and found

It may appear as if the discovery of something equals growth and losing something equals decline, yet neither of them is true. Life on earth is some kind of play and your free will allows you to do as you please and while doing so you may learn through your so-called mistakes and successes.

Sometimes the step you make works out as you intended and sometimes it does not. Experiencing these consequences allow you to learn and grow as a human being. Along the way you learn that getting lost is equally important as finding your way, because you cannot find the way – and thus develop yourself – without being lost. You might argue that there is no point in getting lost if it is only to find your way back, and you are absolutely right if you were supposed to go back, but…

The universal intention is to go forward, without seemingly going anywhere.

These words can be a maze where you can easily get lost and lose your appetite to find your way forward. Yet it means that there is no goal in life, at least so it seems. All that life requires is to be experienced and this is what it means to live right here and right now. This is the only moment in time when you can make a change.

You may wonder where your next step will lead you and what may happen next, but none of this matters because all you can do is make the choice to move forward. The experience of this step will show you if it is wise to continue in that direction or alter your course. This is a continuous process that repeats itself with every step.

When you feel the wish to arrive somewhere right now, you often experience the desire for instant gratification. Instead of depressing yourself with the idea that your life lacks something – and with that, all of its purpose – remind yourself of the fact that you are exactly at the place where you ought to be and your next step is right in front of you.

All you need to do is lift your foot and move it forwards in any direction, it is your choice.

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