Living Room Meditation

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Moyan Brenn

The light shines vividly that night, without glaring, a bright source sheds a very pleasant glow in your living roominfo-icon.

Guided meditationinfo-icon
Together with your friends and family we connect to the unseeninfo-icon world. Accompanied by Nick his gentle voice and carefully chosen musicinfo-icon we embark on an inner journeyinfo-icon. On this trip you will be offered the opportunity to meet old friends, to gain insights or to just to find peace in yourself. Every session is special and unique, Nick sails on his inner compass and allows every meditationinfo-icon to arise in the moment. Through his collaborationinfo-icon with the unseen, every session is perfectly matched to the place and the participants. Together we embark on an advanture, but you will return with a story of your own.

It also possible to ask a shared question, something that all participants relate to. Inspired by the unseen world Nick speaks on one or more subjects of the group’s interest. For example, questions about relationshipsinfo-icon, kids, parentinginfo-icon, meaning of lifeinfo-icon, or workinfo-icon are clearly and soundly illuminated by the unseen. The sessions are interactive and you can changeinfo-icon the topic or ask follow-up questions.

Your living room
Nick is happy to visit you for an inspiring evening. He fills the evening and you handle the rest. The organization is simple: plan a date, invite at lest 8 friends, make your home cozy, make some tea, prepair some snacks and you are ready. The session last for +/- 2 hours and based on a voluntary donation.

In order to make an appointment or for an open-ended question you use our contact form. You can equally propose a date and time. Until later :-)

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