To gain or regain

Before you were born, you knew everything and you made a conscious choiceinfo-icon to step into this life. If you find this difficult to grasp, try to imagine it, as if it really happened. Your imagination is a gateway to this forgotten knowledgeinfo-icon. You probably wonder why you do not remember any of it, but what if you had a solid reason to forget it all and start with a clean slate?

If all life is formed by intentioninfo-icon and choice, then intention is the manifestationinfo-icon of your soul, while choice says much more about the physical reality on earthinfo-icon. Your intention is usually something that serves a higher good, that allows you to grow as a human being. Yet you can have intention A but choose to go with option B, without anyone stopping you other than facing the consequencesinfo-icon of the choice that you have made. It is like intending to make that leap forward while you choose to stand still because of the fearinfo-icon of what might happen.

When you think of insights or knowledge, are they things that we gain or just regain?

If you knew everything before you were born, it has to be the last, but what could be the point of regaining something you apparently already had? Why would anyone decide to forget to only rediscover it, time and time again? In other words:

Why does one embark on a journeyinfo-icon to only arrive back home? Because of the experienceinfo-icon!

The smell, the vistas, sensing the warmth and the cold, that is what life is all about. What applies to a decent journey, applies to life as well. So when you do embark, make sure to experience every element, the good and the bad, light and dark. By embracing both sides of human life you can live life the fullest. Only then, when you have experienced the brightest light and the deepest darkness, you can meet yourself in the middle and fully understand life on earth.

Since you are free, it is important to remember that you have a choice. You can embrace the challenges, that you find on your path, or you can navigate around them. Remember that only by accepting these challenges, you can gain the deep wisdominfo-icon that they behold.

Although it might seem like a small difference, to gain or regaininfo-icon, the difference between their outcomes is huge. This is called synergyinfo-icon and is often explained as 1+1=3, where you gain more than you put into it. Yet, what it really describes is that you get access to something that was not available before, like downloading something from a higher region or dimension. The key is that you not just regain what you already knew but you also gain the experience that comes with it. It is like adding more intense colours to your life palette and thus making everything more beautiful. It is the synergy in life that makes the difference, nothing else.

Synergy comes for free, as long as you accept the choices that you have made.

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