Food, love and suffering

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Takashi Hososhima

When you were young, life appeared to be simple. The most fundamental things were very clear. When you were hungry you cried as a means to ask for foodinfo-icon. Your mother fed you, the unpleasant feeling went away, problem solved. In the unfortunate event of the lack of food altogether, you just cried louder. The motivation was clear as well, without food the body would not sustain and thus your life on earthinfo-icon would end.

Since then nothing much has changed. Regardless of your current age and state of well-being:

When you do not get enough of what you need, you die.

The wide concept of ‘feeding’ is that in one area there is a shortage of something and this needs to be complemented by something else. This can be anything and plays by the rules of dualityinfo-icon. Ideally there is a perfectinfo-icon match, like the lack of loveinfo-icon is best complemented by love, but there are many surrogates. Empty shells that only trick the mind while cluttering everything else. A lack of love can be complemented by the use of alcoholinfo-icon, serving as a means to distract the mind while intoxicating the body. For the same purposeinfo-icon you may find distraction in abusive forms of sexualityinfo-icon, directly or indirectly through pornography, for instance. Only to end up in desolation and blocking yourself from love, defeating the purpose and making things worse, at least so it may seem.

Yet, at every step along the way you have a choiceinfo-icon. When you need a healthy balanceinfo-icon of love but you deviate further from it, the pulling force towards love will become stronger. It is like an unmistakable growing awarenessinfo-icon that there is a need for changeinfo-icon, because regardless of your prior choices, life will guideinfo-icon you in the right directioninfo-icon. It is like a ringing bell, the more you astray the louder it gets, only to remind you to look around and see if you are still on track. Yet you can apply your free willinfo-icon to ignore this natural sense of direction, to do as you please, but it will be at the cost of your life energyinfo-icon, you will deviate even further and consequently shorten your life on earth.

The deviation from your life missioninfo-icon is the number one reason for all your sufferinginfo-icon and thus encompasses the greatest lessons in life.

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