Elevate your awareness

Personal developmentinfo-icon is a continuous, ever evolving, step-by-step process. Sometimes it may feel as if one step forwards results in three steps back, but even when this is true it is only because it serves you best. Certain processes need to be experienced multiple times in order to fulfil them and unlock the deep wisdominfo-icon they encompass.

It is the sequential order that exposes growth, every step leads to the next.

Once you have gained a given insight, mostly through experienceinfo-icon, you are elevated to a new level of awarenessinfo-icon, a higher energyinfo-icon or even a sub-dimension. This releases a new set of challenges or pathways to embark on.

Elevationinfo-icon is given and comes for free, without a physical form or price tag.

These words imply a deep understanding of life on earthinfo-icon and might be controversialinfo-icon to what you experience. After all it is not the elevation that causes any of your pains, it is your own resistanceinfo-icon to the elevation.

Elevation is a very powerful force you can’t stop.

Imagine that you tried to stop an elevatorinfo-icon with your bare hands. It would hurt, whether you’d succeed or not. It is very important to realise that your own resistance is causing the paininfo-icon, because the natural flow of life only wants you to rise and stand up to your potentialinfo-icon. You are ready for this, as ready as you can ever be.

Life will never confront you with anything you are not ready for.

So instead of blaming the rising energy, realise that it is you who does the hurting. This is often caused by fearinfo-icon and unawarenessinfo-icon. The short answer to all this is to surrenderinfo-icon, but as long as you dwell in this fear and unawareness you simply can't.

In order to surrender you need awareness and to be aware you need to surrender.

So how do you go about this?
Life has a beautiful process at bay to get you through this and pain plays an important role in it. Pain is a result of your free willinfo-icon and a signal to rethink what you are doing. It is like choosing to swim against the current of a riverinfo-icon. Once your energy runs low the pain will force you to surrender and follow the natural flow. It is this constant battle between your ability to choose freely and the natural flow of life that eventually results in awareness and a conscious choiceinfo-icon. Through this process you get over the thresholdinfo-icon that has been holding you back. Once you step over it you experience that what you feared turns out to be a gift. All you had to do is accept it.

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