Earth Overshoot Day

A day initiated to raise our awarenessinfo-icon. How do you give a positive spin on something that has a fair amount of 'bad news' to it? Simply by focusing on what we can do.

What is it?
First of all it is important to get a clear picture of what - Earth Overshoot Dayinfo-icon - actually is.

Teaming with natureinfo-icon
You are readinginfo-icon this article and this indicates that you have a certain degree of awareness towards nature. We only have to come to the realization that the key is found in nature it self. The more we workinfo-icon with nature, the better mother earthinfo-icon will feel. Plantinfo-icon a treeinfo-icon, start a vegetable gardeninfo-icon or place some plantsinfo-icon on your balconyinfo-icon. That's what everyone can do. The more green the better. Plants are uniquely able to convert solar energyinfo-icon into organicinfo-icon matter, the core of compostinfo-icon and fundamental to healthy soilinfo-icon.

Earth Overshoot Dayinfo-icon is the human translation of the symptoms that nature has shown us for several decades. The time has come where we value products that are locally produced. A time where a jar of homemade jam embodies the greatest gift that you can receive on your birthday. We are reconnecting with the earth, grateful for what she gives us ever so unconditionally.

Thank you Mother Earth :-)

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