DIY Chickenbarrow Preview #1

We are in the middle of shooting our new online video courseinfo-icon: DIY Chickenbarrowinfo-icon. We figured it is time to give you a little preview of what we have been cookinginfo-icon up.

Mobile chicken coop
The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon is a mobile chicken coop that has spaceinfo-icon up to 4 chickensinfo-icon, is the size of a wheelbarrow and above all very self-sufficient.

Movable stick
The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon features a movable sitting stick that opens and closes the hatch by the weight of the chickens. By using a very simple but rather clever technique the last chicken that 'goes to bed' closes the door, without ever being aware of it. In the morning the process is reversed once the last chicken moves off the stick.

On top of that, we collect the rainwater from the roof in a container. Rainwater is much healthier for the chickens and – depending on your climateinfo-icon – you should hardly ever need to refill it.

It is an online video course that is offered through our websiteinfo-icon. In over 5 hours of video lessons Nick will guideinfo-icon you through the building process. Starting with the building materials, which are available from your local hardware store, all the way to a fully assembled and painted Chickenbarrowinfo-icon. Besides the instruction videos the course includes detailed schemes and a fully-fledged 3D animation that shows the building process in detail, step by step.

The concept of the Chickenbarrowinfo-icon is a derivative of the "chicken tractor" concept known in Permaculture. The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon is compact, easy to move and suitable for urban areas. Now you can finally share chickens with your neighbours, you can take turns enjoying the delicious eggs and the peaceful scrabbling in the garden.

Release date
We expect the course to start during the first quarter of 2015 and it will be available through our webshop. If you want to stay in touch you can sign up for our newsletter. We will announce the official release date in the next issue.

Stay tuned

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