Dear Mister President

Dear Mister Presidentinfo-icon and world leaders,
Please return the birthright to every human being to create his own Garden of Eden.

We are in a time of need, a necessity for action and a liberationinfo-icon of humanity. Mother Natureinfo-icon has sent out a call for people to return to nature. Please, make all the efforts necessary to restore the balanceinfo-icon in planet earthinfo-icon's ecosystems, a task that appears very complicated to grow all humanity's needs in warm, deserted or cold climates, but it can be solved by simple designinfo-icon; we call it Permacultureinfo-icon.

Please allow us, humanity, to do it. All we need is a patch of land.

Thank you,

Ready for more? Let's go indepth: 

With the release of this November's IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the message is loud and clear: 'We need to change our ways in order to thrive'. More than ever it is necessary to raise our voice and ask our leaders to allow us, the people, to do what we are good at.

For those who are more visually orientated we've created some imagery to inspire, please feel free to share them where ever you like :-)

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