You got a nifty touch, you want to keep poultry and dare to take the challengeinfo-icon? With this document you can kickstart your next project: building a mobile chicken coop.

Movable sitting stick
The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon is a mobile chicken coop that has spaceinfo-icon for up to 4 hens and features a moveable sitting stick, which mechanically closes the hatch when the last chicken goes to roost. In the morning, when the last hen leaves the stick, the hatch automatically opens.

It is an ideal size to provide an average family with free range organicinfo-icon eggs. In addition rain waterinfo-icon is collected from the roof and served as drinking water.

The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon concept is specially developed for Garnenseinfo-icon by inspirator: Nick van Zutpheninfo-icon. Driven by the desire to produce natural eggs with a minimum amount of graininfo-icon.

The Chickenbarrowinfo-icon fits perfectly in the "chicken tractor" concept known from Permaculture. Although you are free in how you use the Chickenbarrowinfo-icon, it lends itself extremely well to be moved, every so many days, so that your free range chickensinfo-icon have a fresh patch of land at their disposal. Producing free range organic eggs.

Construction plans
We created a professionally designed document, it includes the blueprints, outlines for cutting the plywood, a shopping list and a series of high quality photographs from our Chickenbarrowinfo-icon which you can use as reference. Right after payment you will receive access to dowload the .pdf document, via your personalinfo-icon account.

3D animation
 A unique 2,5 minute video that features a high quality 3D animation of the construction assembly.


Document contents

  • Detailed construction plans The blueprints document is presented in .pdf and formatted to print.
  • 3D animated assembly of the structure The animation shows a step-by-step process of how the construction is assembled.
  • High quality photographs Of our finished Chickenbarrowinfo-icon which you can use as reference while building.
  • Shopping list All parts are sold at the average hardware store, but with a little creativity, you can also build your Chickenbarrowinfo-icon from recycled materials.
  • Multilingual The document is offered in both Englishinfo-icon and Dutch. All measurements are presented the metric system.

This document is now available as a free downloadinfo-icon, we do how ever no long support it. You can download the blueprints here.

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