Birth of something new

Creationinfo-icon itself is an ever-repeating process of replication and evolutioninfo-icon.

On a biological level we understand how life replicates and how it maintains itself via the exchange of DNA. Yet we know very little about what evolution really is and what fuels it. The current consensusinfo-icon of the survival of the fittestinfo-icon is weakening, because we start to discover that not all life is at constant war with each other. For instance, research shows that large treesinfo-icon support smaller trees with nutrients, which indicates that the forestinfo-icon acts as a large organism and not a collection of egocentric life forms that try to outcompete each other.

It is like the human bodyinfo-icon; all individual cells are in balanceinfo-icon with one other and in service of each other. Without this balance, extensive growth of particular cells is possible until vital organs start to fail and mark the end of a human’s life. This process is called cancerinfo-icon.

Once the balance is lost the end of life is near.

Evolution might be just another word for synergyinfo-icon, because evolution implies the ability to adjust to one’s environment. If this happened without being infused with something new, without synergy, all life would lose its diversityinfo-icon and slowly merge into a big blob of similarity. If a child never had the wish to interact with its environment, it would never try to grab something and eventually learn to walk. It all originates from an intentioninfo-icon to live, this is the synergy in life.

Nothing has ever happened without a prior intention.

Small or giant, aware or unaware, intention is on all levels the force that drives renewalinfo-icon and innovationinfo-icon. So, when you feel the inner wish for something new to arise, make room for it and allow yourself to manifest the unknown. This allows you to evolve as a human being.

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