Personal development is a continuous, ever evolving, step-by-step process. Sometimes it may feel as if one step forwards results in three steps back, but even when this is true it is only because it serves you best. Read more about Elevation

To gain or regain

Before you were born, you knew everything and you made a conscious choice to step into this life. You probably wonder why you do not remember any of it, but what if you had a solid reason to forget it all and start with a clean slate? Read more about To gain or regain

Pain and awareness

Sometimes around midnight, a magical event occurs. The birth of a new moon can be seen, felt and experienced by those who are willing to see. It is a change of form, a transcendence from the old to the new. Like the moon, all life and all processes on earth are circular by definition. Some are easier to see than others. Some occur within minutes, or even seconds, while others take millennia to complete their cycle. Although it can be seen anywhere, you need to be aware of what you are looking at. Read more about Pain and awareness