What is Garnense?

What is Garnense?
We are a brand-new multilingual online platform that offers high quality training, knowledge and inspiration in self-sustainability. Grow your own vegetables and herbs, on a balcony, in a vegetable garden or an acreage. People find so much joy in interacting with nature, so create a bit of your own.

At Garnense we like to invite you to follow your heart, be inspired by the wonders that nature has to offer and to share your enthousiasm. We value the ancient crafts and wisdom of the past, but at the same time we embrace innovation, the knowledge of today and we apply technology where it seems fit.

The name 'Garnense' is a combination of 'garner' (gather, collect or harvest) and 'common sense', in our eyes that's what it is all about regarding self-sufficiency: 'common sense harvesting'. In a well-functioning ecosystem, such as a Forest Garden based on permaculture principles, harvesting is all you need to do, besides some simple maintenance. The key lies in the design, this is how we work at Garnense as well, the strategy starts with good observation, thoroughly pondering it and then apply it. In the base, the broad outlines of such a design are relatively simple, but along the way you fill that increasingly, according to the same strategy: look, think and do.

With Garnense we hope to blur the boundary between the ornamental and vegetable garden, to bring people closer to nature and to pass on our enthusiasm. We would like to contribute to a world where humans, animals, plants and fungi live together in harmony, a world that is rooted in the 21st century, which is inspired by nature and embraces innovation.

Target Audience
We will offer high quality video courses for a wide audience, like people who would like to grow some vegetables and herbs within the limited space of their urban balcony. For people who have a vegetable or community garden and wish to implement organic methods and/or Permaculture systems. Even for those who plan to build their own off-the-grid house somewhere in the outback and who wish to be completely self-sufficient we will have a course.

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